31 of APRIL.

A day of writing. Starting a project of new. Ready to plan and ready to ready.

Blog life is for me, or is it not for me, that is the question mark. I have a new built in keyboard for my iPad. It is great. Highly reco to push the tippy taps of the keyboard muse.

it could be a lot bigger. The font size.  Damn this might be too big – 28pt. Oh well, let’s just roll with it.

Today we start again. the Groundhog Day of resetting my goals. The outlook on what I need to do.

[note: check when I need to pickup the skateboard]

I’ve been hesitant to write. Maybe because I cannot, the skill level is quite under developed. I diagnosed myself with dyslexia but that could of a lie I tell myself to cover the facts that I cannot spell and skip over words. Even when I proof, the glass still slips in.

New topic. Let’s talk about fan fare. Big fan of things. I get tunnel vision. So much that everything around me begins to crumble. The plates are dropped and I am left to pick them up after the consumption is over. 

Funny that. I can draft at 28pt in font size and reduce it once I’ve finished with it to keep these at a 1 page length in GoodNotes. That’s a spicy meat ball.

I think 16pt was it’s original size, though it does not matter no more as I’ll just be copying and pasting.

I still need to think of a picture for this. That was one of the legacy checkboxes for this comic / blog. Practicing illustration. No matter how rough. The world is turned to shit. Maybe I should reflect on that. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should screenshot some images to make a scrapbook of the time passing by.

Maybe. Nah.