The year is here. 2019. Starting the 5-5-15 posting for this site. blog. stuff.

5 minutes of unloading words onto this editor.

5 minutes of coming up with a visual

15 minutes to create it and dust my hands.


A process to create under the pump and also pile on this site of turds.

Anyway. That’s 2019. I want to create some more posts. BIG GOALS HERE BUDDY.

I guess… that’s all there is to say. Happy new year. Wait that has passed. Day one 2019! pew pew. I will need to take a break from this 5 minutes of writing as I need to start cooking.


Think I might also do a Skillshare course on comics…. YEAH. I’ll do that.


EDIT: Actually added 3 minutes to the deadline. MISSION COMPLETE-KINDA….