change log: sleeping habits and intense snoozes

a way to improve is to make small changes to the wake up. I could sleep earlier but i’m going to trial a few things.

change the alarm. I’ve always got the same alarm for over a year and i have a got feeing i’ve adapted to the sounds like small doses of venom

going to use to the sleep app as well to track how well I sleep. though I don’t care for it enough but also curious on the data.

a few rapid reminders on this quest.
don’t eat before hand
drink a glass of water
1 item to do for tomorrow

—— side thought:
1. no one reads website blogs no more? don’t quote me on this is a punt. setup a universal mail chimp for all of the 4 personas. something about flying kites.

continue with a reading habit. starting with crush it – a gary vee book – inspiration to build without judgement. make this a tik tok gif. learn to use it without any research – fun project? maybe.
anyway… read couple pages a day or 10-minutes per day to start. not going to bother with habit tracking apps, going to track it by blogging to keep a visual journal.

3. continued writing using a simple striped down app that syncs on the windows(pc) and apple (iphone6) so I can copy and paste text