5th nov.

The delay of things.

At it again. delayed my todo.
I did manage to do some social errands but not the client ones.

Create a procedure.

1] Have accountability when putting the time coin into a leisure that goes into overtime. Like now. I’ve got a game waiting :<
The accountability… add more to the production. 25 minute of a task. Or pay 20 to a Panama account.
Does that work? Replace with tutorial and writing as well. YASSS. maybe.

2] exercise 10|10|10 – reps of free form exercise. this will get the blood moving and out of the rut fog that accumulated in my head when the balance is off.

3] Write on a notepad – traditional notepad. Going analogue smooths my mind and eyes. Journalling or doodling is good medicine.

4] Read – take a break. Read a comic – do it offline.

5] BullDive – break down the big frog. split it into little frogs. maybe slimes. slime frogs. So small that it is easy to action. categorises which can be killed fastest. then gain momentum there.

6] Reflect on balance and moderation.

7] one for them | one for me. System of balance.