progress or decay - everything and nothing

A void of archived memories and blips of small logs.

Greetings from space & the green shepherd of dune.

11 April 2021

Short stories transcripted on digital tablets on mars. When the purple skies meets in fluorescence pink sea.

So how do these blocks work – when the laptop heats up, the fingers will burn, like moths to a flame; stopping at the light.
You told me to bring me, and then you became the mist. Demon dogs howl before the dark woods.

Entering the city. Rats fall from the skies, the queen is not protected and the people fear the water. It runs through the city. Glum modems signal distant visitors – and from the sea, we can make sense of it all. From the sea, we find the peace we wanted all along. Seashells masked as bullets. We find unopened bottles, letters gone unread; liquid dreams and regret.

Do you lack magic? The mage once said to me; that a vampire was following me. I became the sun and the moon, leaving mountain dew drops, where I pass. ‘don’t change it’ they said, true to the blood oath we took. clapped hands while we wait seconds for the delay grace of android spell correction spells.

We need the book. Does our reliance on the AI, the red line under our words; detachment from the 1st brain and onto the 2nd brain. Prophecy of a lone shepherd, the one who lost its sheep to the purple dune sands.

Spell check to note my notes: floresense – fluorescence
shepard – shepherd