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22 May 2022

so another one starts.

More blips in the ocean, forgetting that all I need to do is to ..


something about his is not what it seems - blinded by false tasks; “making of the favicon” was it really something I needed to spend time on. tending to a dying garden. Today spent was trouble shooting half measured things, while the oil in the pan goes past its boiling point and I haven’t even started peeling the potatos. There is no water in the pot to boil, as the electricity is not setup - not in this house. Half-measured steps.

Fooled by a shadow of productivity, the lessons in writing, that runs red with mistakes. All because I cannot spell anymore. Not choosing to proof-edit-but-publish.

In other news.

With practice I’ll be okay. Perhaps plug-ins for GIMP to improve its UI - the experience is quite jarring, but is it me? the time crunch and grit that takes hold when I know it could be easily done thorough programs of rote memory. In other news.

Another day to do some comics.

I’m not sure on how to process all these things. Some how to capture a unkempt garden. Find the through line of thoughts, to justify a categorisation system, another chance to spend less time on what needs to be done.