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Staged Crisis

24 May 2022

Through great journey - comes a dry mouth.

Pondering. Small press. A way to access - stories told by a backchannel that is not funded - by big money; medium.

What was a good size for a picture in this blog?

Let’s try 500x250px @ 72 PPI


A choice between doing the things I need to the things I should.

markdown look up. Underline ~~marked as done ~~

Hey, looks like VScode makes these highlighted. Now I need to find out how to auto upload these files automatically once I’m happy with how Jekyll has served it via the local. end note.

Okay - spent the last 5 minutes to see if this could be done easily with frog brains but seems like it is not. Faster to just manually update via an FTP.

Notes for me in the future