progress or decay - everything and nothing

A void of archived memories and blips of small logs.


29 May 2022


10 minutes of focus. A exercise to unload. Unfolding the mind; I’ve installed ASEPRITE. This time through steam>linux. it seems to work now. A direct connection to making pixel thumbnails. Good boy timers

Thumbnail and nailing

I sit in an uncomfortable grove on the couch. I listen to podcast about small press and comic artist. Thumbnailing and pre-planning is the through line of both worlds of illustration-art-design-comics. placement and order. Let us see how the FTP works, now that it is connected. No.

now that it is saved as a preset. How does things speed up? A question about efficiency in the workflow of writing and uploading. Something I want to try - but know that probably the UI pathway would be the easiest for me.


A repeat of the same things. A loop When to wake. When to eat. When to begin.

A journal method and the fall out of love, for the art of writing. A fall out to many thing I enjoyed, things I allowed to enjoy, now leaves a bitter taste when revisiting. This is only a week. A mood swing, A vibe change, A Jekkyl alteration. Why does my act of motivation shift so fast? Hence, the need for structure. A system to do what I need to do, without the lizard brain taking control of the day.

The 10 minute is up, and time for the picture of the day