progress or decay - everything and nothing

A void of archived memories and blips of small logs.

A New Ghost

11 September 2022

A new ghost at 11’o clock

Well we’ll we’ll - a new ghost arrived into town; a feeling of eye shadows under the skin and mumurs of the wolfsickmandog; the one who barks at the sunflower skies.

Soft melodies that only a focused ear can hear. Tapping of the keyboard while in motion. A burning lap; ticking of the egg.

A 2019 weather report. Of drowning rain from the inside of a house. Tall lawns that house serpents that know no fear and bite of forever sleeps, the greeting for visitors and intruders

Why the O’ in O’ clock - a thing that I’m not even sure about writing but I smell the cola from the other zoom; room

A new ghost has landed.