Something for me & the egg timer

Get your house in order.

The way they said it should be, it would be.

A place for me, within the confines of my rules. my world. a slice of peace that is exposed.

A 2-minute egg timer sits by my desk. ticking away. the clacking of sounds by the keys. Many familiar backspaces, for the spelling, is a shame.

2 minutes on the egg timer is all I have to say today. I draw for the rest. exercise for the mind. before I lose it, you use it.

2 minutes on the egg timer, a timer I bought from eBay. Shaped like an egg, a silver egg. Silver prizes and for lies, I tell myself.

Do better, and the ticks begin to fade.

2 minutes on the egg timer.

The egg timer

By Tony Tran

Artist / Designer

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