progress or decay - everything and nothing

A void of archived memories and blips of small logs.

Exported In Death

26 August 2022

First off

A clean from the fan, but I know not of how to put images back in. so we use the default, as the tool is just a tool. so it doesn’t matter of preference but as a support for developers. Free or paid but being result driven is something else.


Memory is so bad, I realised that there was a time I had images. leftdevices.png and then .. there we have it.

A continue for tomorrow

A rule break, but consistency is always king. so they say. The tool of GIMP is slow at the moment. but since it is free, I should look into new ways to do things to see if it is capable; or fall back to the corpo softwares - nevermind. this core was about testing open-source and free. so let it be.